Reach More Readers with Apple News

The results are in. Readers love Apple News, with its gorgeous, reader-centric layouts and rich interactive experiences. And thanks to our Apple News integration, publishing your Craft content to Apple News has never been easier.

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Complete design flexibility.

Just like front-end templating in Craft CMS, our Apple News integration makes no assumptions about how your articles should look on Apple News. Developers get a clean slate to define the exact Apple News Format content needed so that articles are engaging and on-brand.

A seamless authoring experience.

Authors can continue creating entries just like they’re used to, and the plugin will quietly work to keep Apple News updated in the background. No need to decide whether and where entries should get published in Apple News, or what they should look like.

Get up and running with Apple News

Our Apple News integration makes publishing content with Apple News Format a breeze.

Create a channel in News Publisher.
Create a channel
in News Publisher.
Create a channel in News Publisher.

Before you can start publishing content to Apple News, you’ll need to sign up for News Publisher and create a channel. Make sure you choose to publish with Apple News Format when asked.

Install and configure Publish to Apple News for Craft.
Install and configure
the integration plugin.
Install and configure Publish to Apple News for Craft.

The Apple News integration is provided by Publish to Apple News. The configuration instructions provide a complete outline on how to connect the plugin to your Apple News channel(s).

Just keep writing.
Just keep writing.
Just keep writing.

Articles will get published to Apple News automatically as they are saved in Craft, just as they do on the website. A bulk publishing action is also provided for quickly publishing existing entries.

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