Position Select Fields

This document is for a version of Craft CMS that is no longer supported. Please refer to the latest version →

Position Select fields give you a button group with various positioning options, which can be used to define how elements should be positioned in your templates.

# Settings


Position Select fields have the following settings:

  • Options – Choose which options should be available in the field. Your choices include left, center, right, full, drop-left, and drop-right. (The names are not customizable.)

# The Field

Position Select fields will show a button group with icons representing each of the options you chose in the field’s settings.


# Templating

If you want to output the value directly, such as into a <div>’s class= attribute, you can do that like so:

<div class="block {{ entry.positionSelectFieldHandle }}">

You can also access the option’s value in conditionals:

{% if entry.positionSelectFieldHandle in ['left', 'right'] %}
  {# ... #}
{% elseif entry.positionSelectFieldHandle == 'center' %}
  {# ... #}
{% endif %}

Or you can feed it into a switch tag:

{% switch entry.positionSelectFieldHandle %}
  {% case 'left' %}
    {# ... #}
  {% case 'right' %}
    {# ... #}
  {% case 'center' %}
    {# ... #}
{% endswitch %}