{% includeHiResCss %}

This document is for a version of Craft CMS that is no longer supported. Please refer to the latest version →

This tag will queue up a CSS snippet for inclusion on the page, wrapped by a media query that only targets hi-res screens.

{% set myCss %}
.content img.hero {
  background-image: url({{ heroImage.getUrl('hires') }});
  background-size: 1000px;
{% endset %}

{% includeHiResCss myCss %}

# Parameters

The {% includeHiResCss %} tag supports the following parameters:

# CSS snippet

A string that defines the CSS that should be included. The string can be typed directly into the tag, or you can set it to a variable beforehand, and just type the variable name.

# first

Add first at the end of the tag if you want this CSS to be included before any other CSS snippets.

{% includeHiResCss myCss first %}

# Where does it get output?

Your CSS snippet will be output by the getHeadHtml() function. If you aren’t calling that function anywhere, Craft will insert it right before the HTML’s </head> tag.