Number Fields

Number fields give you a text input that accepts a numeric value.

# Settings

Number fields have the following settings:

  • Default Value – The default value that should be applied for new elements.
  • Min Value – The lowest number that may be entered in the field
  • Max Value – The highest number that may be entered in the field.
  • Decimal Points – The maximum number of decimal points that may be entered in the field.
  • Size – The input’s size attribute.
  • Prefix Text – Text that should be displayed before the input.
  • Suffix Text – Text that should be displayed after the input.

# Development

# Querying Elements with Number Fields

When querying for elements that have a Number field, you can filter the results based on the Number field data using a query param named after your field’s handle.

Possible values include:

Value Fetches elements…
100 with a value of 100.
'>= 100' with a value of at least 100.
['and', '>= 100', '<= 1000'] with a value between 100 and 1,000.
{# Fetch entries with a Number field set to at least 100 #}
{% set entries = craft.entries()
  .myFieldHandle('>= 100')
  .all() %}

# Working with Number Field Data

If you have an element with a Number field in your template, you can access its data using your Number field’s handle:

{% set value = entry.myFieldHandle %}

That will give you the number value for the field, or null if there is no value.

To format the number with proper thousands separators (e.g. ,), use the number filter:

{{ entry.myFieldHandle|number }}

If the number will always be an integer, pass decimals=0 to format the number without any decimals.

{{ entry.myFieldHandle|number(decimals=0) }}

# Saving Number Fields

If you have an element form, such as an entry form (opens new window), that needs to contain a Number field, you can use this template as a starting point:

{% set field ='myFieldHandle') %}

{% set value = entry is defined
  ? entry.myFieldHandle
  : field.defaultValue %}

<input type="number"
  min="{{ field.min }}"
  max="{{ field.max }}"
  value="{{ value }}"