Support classes

In order to help testing Craft provides several testing support classes that can be used to help testing.

# Arrayable

# craft\test\mockclasses\arrayable\ExampleArrayble

ExampleArrayble implements the yii\base\Arrayable interface. If your module/plugin is dependant on undertaking an action on/with an arrayable you can use this class.

# Components

# craft\test\mockclasses\components\ComponentExample

ComponentExample implements the craft\base\ComponentInterface interface. If your module/plugin requires a class that implements this interface use this one.

# craft\test\mockclasses\components\ExtendedComponentExample

ExtendedComponentExample implements the craft\base\ComponentInterface interface however it does so via extending craft\test\mockclasses\components\ComponentExample.

# Controller

# craft\test\mockclasses\controllers\TestController

TestController extends craft\test\mockclasses\controllers\TestController. If you need to perform actions on any instance of craft\web\Controller this can be used.

# Model

# craft\test\mockclasses\models\ExampleModel

ExampleModel implements the craft\base\Model with a public $exampleParam and a public $exampleDateParam which is linked to the datetimeAttributes() method.

# Serializable

# craft\test\mockclasses\serializable\Serializable

A class the implements the craft\base\Serializable interface.

# Other classes

# craft\test\mockclasses\ToString

ToString implements the craft\base\Serializable interface.

# craft\test\mockclasses\TwigExtension

TwigExtension is a twig extension that extends the Twig\Extension\AbstractExtension.