Template Roots

Modules and plugins can register custom “template roots” for either control panel or front-end templates.

A template root is a directory that contains templates, which are accessible to other templates from a predefined template path prefix.

For example, you could create a plugin that provides common Twig utility macros, which could be accessible from _utils/macros.twig.

To do that, use the EVENT_REGISTER_SITE_TEMPLATE_ROOTS (opens new window) event:

use craft\events\RegisterTemplateRootsEvent;
use craft\web\View;
use yii\base\Event;

public function init()

        function(RegisterTemplateRootsEvent $event) {
            $event->roots['_utils'] = __DIR__ . '/template-utils';

If you want to register new control panel template roots, use the EVENT_REGISTER_CP_TEMPLATE_ROOTS (opens new window) event instead.

# Plugin Control Panel Templates

Plugins get a control panel template root added automatically, named after the plugin handle, which points to the templates/ folder within the plugin’s base source folder.