Translation Categories

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Modules and plugins can provide custom translation categories, for use by Yii’s Message Translations (opens new window) feature.

See Static Message Translations for more details on how message translations work.

Translation categories can be added programmatically by adding a new translation source onto the yii\i18n\I18N::$translations (opens new window) array.

use craft\i18n\PhpMessageSource;

public function init()

    Craft::$app->i18n->translations['my-category'] = [
        'class' => PhpMessageSource::class,
        'sourceLanguage' => 'en',
        'basePath' => __DIR__ . '/translations',
        'allowOverrides' => true,

If you have control over the application config, you could also add the translation category from there:

// -- config/app.php --
return [
    'components' => [
        'i18n' => [
            'translations' => [
                'my-category' => [
                    'class' => craft\i18n\PhpMessageSource::class,
                    'sourceLanguage' => 'en',
                    'basePath' => dirname(__DIR__) . '/translations',
                    'allowOverrides' => true,

# Plugin Translations

Plugins get a custom translation category registered automatically, named after the plugin handle. Plugins can provide translation files within a translations/ folder in their base source folder.

├── Plugin.php
├── ...
└── translations
    └── de
        └── plugin-handle.php