This document is for a version of Craft Commerce that is no longer supported. Please refer to the latest version →

# How to get variants

Usually you will only want to retrieve products, giving you access to their variants. Sometimes you might want to query for variants directly.

You can access your site’s variants from your templates via craft.commerce.variants It returns an ElementCriteriaModel (opens new window) object.

{% set variants = %}

{{ variant.sku }} - {{ variant.salePrice }}

# Parameters

craft.commerce.variants supports the following parameters:

# id

The variant’s element ID.

# productId

The product ID this variant belongs to.

# sku

The variant’s SKU

# default

Whether the variant is the product’s default variant

Accepts: boolean (true or false)

# stock

The stock amount

Accepts: integer

# hasStock

Whether the variant has unlimited stock or stock greater than zero.

Accepts: boolean (true or false)