# Gateway Configuration

In addition to the settings available for each gateway in CommerceSettingsGateways, the config items below can be placed into a commerce-gateways.php file in your craft/config directory.

This allows for the overriding of gateway settings. You still need to configure the gateway in the control panel so you can reference the gateway’s handle as the key to the gateway’s settings.


return [
    'ewayGatewayHandle' => [
        'testMode' => getenv('EWAY_TEST_MODE'),
        'apiKey' => getenv('EWAY_API_KEY'),
        'password' => getenv('EWAY_PASSWORD'),
        'CSEKey' => getenv('EWAY_CSE_KEY'),
    'paypalProGateway' => [
        'testMode' => getenv('PAYPAL_PRO_TEST_MODE'),
        'password' => getenv('PAYPAL_PRO_PASSWORD'),
        'username' => getenv('PAYPAL_PRO_USERNAME'),
        'signature' => getenv('PAYPAL_PRO_SIGNATURE'),