Twig Filters

# |commerceCurrency

You can use the |commerceCurrency filter as a drop-in replacement for the built-in Craft |currency filter. But in addition to currency formatting, it can also be used for currency conversion, by setting the convert param to true. In addition to that, the currency formatting can also be disabled by setting the format param to false, if you just want to get the raw converted currency value as a float.

# currency (string)

A valid payment currency

# convert (bool) default: false

Should the amount passed to this filter be converted to the exchange rate of the payment currency iso passed

# format (bool) default: true

Should the amount passed to this filter be formatted according to the payment currency iso passed. This will add the payment currency symbol to the amount and apply the corresponding thousands and decimal separators.

# stripZeros (bool) default: false

Should the amount passed have its minor unit zeros removed for a cleaner looking number.

# Examples:

{{ 10.00|commerceCurrency(cart.currency) }} // US$ 10.00

{{ order.totalPrice|commerceCurrency(cart.paymentCurrency,convert=true) }} // A$ 13.00

{{ order.totalPrice|commerceCurrency('AUD',convert=true,format=false) }} // 13.0000

{{ order.totalPrice|commerceCurrency('AUD',convert=true,format=true) }} // A$ 13.00

{{ order.totalPrice|commerceCurrency('AUD',convert=true,format=true,stripZeros=true) }} // A$ 13

You might want to show the order’s price in all available payment currencies:

{% for currency in craft.commerce.paymentCurrencies %}
  Total in {{ currency.iso|upper }}: {{ cart.totalPrice|commerceCurrency(cart.paymentCurrency,convert=true) }} <br>
{% endfor %}