Display Cart Items

At some point you’ll want to show a visitor their cart contents. There’s a more complex code sample in the example templates (opens new window), but the basics are to get the cart, see whether it has any items, then loop through them to display each one’s salePrice and the cart subtotal.

{% set cart = craft.commerce.carts.cart %}

<h1>Here’s what’s in your cart</h1>

{% if cart.lineItems|length == 0 %}
  <p>There aren’t any items in your cart.</p>
{% else %}
      {% for item in cart.lineItems %}
          <td>{{ item.description }} <small>({{ item.sku }})</small></td>
          <td>{{ item.qty }}</td>
          <td>{{ item.salePriceAsCurrency }}</td>
      {% endfor %}
        <td colspan="3">
          Cart Total: {{ cart.totalPriceAsCurrency }}
{% endif %}

You’ll most likely want to use salePrice so that the item’s price reflects any sales or promotions that should be applied. price refers to the value that was entered in the control panel.