Example Templates

Commerce includes example templates you can use for a reference or starting point building your store.

The examples include a robust set of templates that do pretty much everything with Commerce. This includes a full checkout flow, address handling, order management, subscription management, and cart management.

The commerce/example-templates console command offers a quick way to customize the templates and copy them into your project, but you can also browse the templates built with default options in vendor/craftcms/commerce/example-templates/dist/.

You can copy these built templates directly to your project’s top level templates/ folder:

cp -r vendor/craftcms/commerce/example-templates/dist/* ./templates

If your system supports it, you could also symlink these folders into your project’s templates/ folder so you always have up-to-date examples while in development:

ln -s vendor/craftcms/commerce/example-templates/dist/shop ./templates/shop