Template Hooks

Commerce adds its own template hooks in addition to Craft’s.

# Control Panel Template Hooks

Hook Description Template
cp.commerce.discount.edit After discount detail view’s “Enabled” field. promotions/discounts/_edit.html (opens new window)
cp.commerce.customers.edit Before customer edit view’s template blocks. customers/_edit.html (opens new window)
cp.commerce.customers.edit.content After existing customer edit view’s content. customers/_edit.html (opens new window)
cp.commerce.customers.edit.details After existing customer edit view’s right sidebar details. customers/_edit.html (opens new window)
cp.commerce.order.edit Before order edit view’s template blocks. orders/_edit.html (opens new window)
cp.commerce.order.edit.details After existing order edit view’s right sidebar details. orders/_edit.html (opens new window)
cp.commerce.order.edit.main-pane After existing content within order edit view’s “Order Details” tab. orders/_edit.html (opens new window)
cp.commerce.product.edit.content After product detail view’s custom fields. products/_edit.html (opens new window)
cp.commerce.product.edit.details After existing product detail view’s right sidebar details. products/_edit.html (opens new window)
cp.commerce.subscriptions.edit.content After the last .pane in subscription detail view’s content block. subscriptions/_edit.html (opens new window)
cp.commerce.subscriptions.edit.meta After the discount detail view’s existing right sidebar details. subscriptions/_edit.html (opens new window)