Configure globals

Often you’ll have little bits of information you’d like to display on many pages of a site, not limited to just one entry. In this case we’ll add a brief description of the blog that can be shown beneath posts—this is a perfect use for a global set.

Just like the blog post, let’s start by adding a field for this description:

  1. Navigate to SettingsFields.
  2. Choose + New group and create a group called Global Fields.
  3. With that Global Fields group selected, choose + New field.
  4. Give this new field the a name of Site Description and make it a Plain Text field that allows line breaks.
  5. Save the field.

Now let’s create a global set and add the Site Description field to it:

  1. Navigate to SettingsGlobals.
  2. Choose + New global set.
  3. Give the new global set a name of Site Information, then select the Field Layout tab.
  4. Choose + New Tab in the field layout designer, choose a descriptive name to your tab, and drag your Site Description field into that tab.
  5. Save the global set.

You’ll now see Globals in Craft’s main navigation. The site’s starting to take shape!

You’ve now added custom fields to a new field layout twice. This is a fundamental part of working with Craft as you decide what content is stored in different places. 👏

Visit Globals and add some kind of public description for this blog project.

Screenshot of Globals section displaying the newly-added Site Description field
Site Description field we added to Globals.