Create an about page

Sometimes you’ll have unique, one-off pages that don’t make sense as a Section. Unlike the content you might store in Globals, however, each page would need to live at its own URL. A Single is perfect for this.

Let’s create a Single for an “About” page that will include a headshot and bio.

We’ll want to start again with our fields. To keep things tidy, we’ll create a volume for storing generic images and add an Assets field that uses it. Rather than create a new field for the about page content this time, we’ll re-use the Matrix block we created earlier.

# Create an Asset Volume

First, let’s add a volume for generic images. We’ll probably need images later that we don’t want to confuse with other images meant specifically for blog posts.

  1. In the assets directory you created earlier, create a new subdirectory named general.
  2. Back in the Craft CMS control panel, navigate to SettingsAssets.
  3. Choose + New volume.
  4. Enter the name “General” and set the following:
    • Assets in this volume have public URLs: on/enabled
    • Base URL: @web/assets/general
    • File System Path: @webroot/assets/general
  5. Save the Asset Volume.

# Create an Assets Field

Now let’s create a new Assets field for the about page image, telling it to limit available uploads to the new volume we just created.

  1. Navigate to SettingsFields.
  2. Create a “Singles Fields” field group, then choose + New field.
  3. Create a field called “About Image” entering the following:
    • Field Type: Assets
    • Restrict uploads to a single folder?: checked/enabled
      • Default Asset Location: General
    • Restrict allowed file types?: checked/enabled
      • Select Image to ensure content editors can only select files that are images
  4. Save the field.

# Create a Single

Now we can create the about page single:

  1. Navigate to SettingsSections and choose + New section.
  2. Enter “About” for the section name.
  3. To make this new section a single, select “Single” from the Section Type dropdown menu. Notice that the Site Settings change to take a single URI rather than an Entry URI Format that would be required for a Section.
  4. Enter about for URI, and _singles/about for Template.
  5. Save this section.
Screenshot of new single fields
Settings for the new about single.

We’ll follow the same process we did for the blog to add fields to our new about single:

  1. Navigate to SettingsSections and choose Edit entry type to the right of the “About” single.
  2. Create a “Content” tab and drag the “About Image” and “Post Content” fields to it. (Notice we’re re-using the “Post Content” field we created for blog entries.)
  3. Save the entry type.
Screenshot of about field type configuration
The new about single’s field layout configuration.

You could also follow the same steps to create a Single for the home page (checking the little home icon), and once more for the blog landing page. But we don’t need to worry about either of those right now.