About Craft Nitro

Nitro is a speedy Docker-based local development environment tuned for Craft CMS (opens new window).

# What’s Included

Nitro installs the following:

# System Requirements

Your machine needs to meet Docker’s minimum macOS (opens new window) or Windows (opens new window) system requirements, and we recommend allocating the following in Docker Desktop’s SettingsResourcesAdvanced:

  • CPUs: 2+ (ideally at least 1/3 of your system’s cores)
  • Memory: 4GB+ (ideally at least 1/4 of your system’s RAM)
  • Swap: 1GB+
  • Disk Image Size: 25GB+

Nitro downloads the images it needs to support your projects. It’ll need at least 2.5GB of physical disk space to run a few PHP versions and 5-10 projects.