Connecting a Database GUI

Nitro is no longer supported. Please see our announcement and DDEV migration guide.

When running the apply, Nitro will set a friendly hostname for each of your databases and sites in your hosts:

# <nitro>	mysql-8.0-3306.database.nitro plugins-dev.nitro tutorial.nitro
# </nitro>

In this example we have one database and two sites,mysql-8.0-3306.database.nitro, plugins-dev.nitro, and tutorial.nitro.

Databases are prefixed with the <engine>-<version>-<port>.database.nitro name for easy access. If we wanted to connect to the MySQL 5.7 database running on port 3306 the hostname would be mysql-5.7-3306.database.nitro.

To connect to the database with a GUI such as TablePlus (opens new window), you can enter the following details:

Host: mysql-8.0-3306.database.nitro
Port: 3306
User: nitro
Password: nitro

TablePlus Example