Nitro on Linux

Nitro is no longer supported. Please see our announcement and DDEV migration guide.

# Trusting Nitro’s Certificate in Browsers

If you’re getting browser warnings for HTTPS Nitro URLs, you’ll need to manually configure the browser to trust the certificate you’ll find in ~/.nitro/nitro.crt.

# Firefox Example

Firefox will display a warning for your Nitro sites until you’ve told it to trust the root Nitro certificate:
Firefox SSL/https warning

  1. Open the Certificate Manager by choosing the browser’s settings menu, PreferencesSecurity & Privacy, finding the Certificates section, and choosing View Certificates:
    Firefox Certificate Manager

  2. Choose Import... and browse to the .nitro directory inside your home folder. (You may need to enable hidden files.) Select the nitro.crt file and choose Open to confirm the selection.

  3. A dialog will allow you to designate trust purposes. Check Trust this CA to identify websites. and choose OK:
    Downloading Certificate dialog

You should now be able to refresh the tab with the SSL warning and get back to normal:

Happy Firefox in Ubuntu