Sharing Sites Locally

Nitro is no longer supported. Please see our announcement and DDEV migration guide.

By default, your Nitro sites are only available to the machine you’re on. This avoids permissions problems with Docker and protects your development projects from potentially-unwanted access from other computers.

You can, however, make your Nitro sites available to other computers on your local network using Nitro’s bridge command. It analyzes your host machine IPs and creates a “bridged” network on the IP address of your choice.

This allows you to share a site on the network with other devices for testing, or to share a site on a corporate network where ngrok (and Nitro’s share command) aren’t allowed but there is a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

You can share sites over the public internet using the share command.

In this example, Nitro suggests two IP addresses after looking at the user’s network. The first is a new address on the local wireless network, and the second is for a VPN. Because the selected options, Nitro will ultimately make http://tutorial.nitro available to other LAN users via

$ nitro bridge
Which IP address should we use for the bridge?
Enter your selection: 1
Select a site:
  1. tutorial.nitro
  2. plugins-dev.nitro
Enter your selection: 1
bridge server listening on

You may not use a VPN or wireless connection, so Nitro will only show you suggestions relevant to your networking configuration.