You can access your site’s assets from your templates via craft.assets. It returns an ElementCriteriaModel object.

{% for image in craft.assets.kind('image') %}
    <li><img src="{{ image.getUrl('thumb') }}" alt="{{ image.title }}"></li>
{% endfor %}

Parameters #

craft.assets supports the following parameters:

filename #

Only fetch the asset(s) with the given filename.

fixedOrder #

If set to true, assets will be returned in the same order as the IDs entered in the id param.

folderId #

Only fetch assets that live within a given folder(s), referenced by its ID.

height #

Only fetch assets of a given height(s) in pixels.

id #

Only fetch the asset with the given ID(s).

indexBy #

Indexes the results by a given property. Possible values include 'id' and 'title'.

kind #

Only fetch assets of the given file kind.

The supported values are:

  • access
  • audio
  • compressed
  • excel
  • flash
  • html
  • illustrator
  • image
  • pdf
  • photoshop
  • php
  • powerpoint
  • text
  • video
  • word

limit #

Limits the results to X assets.

locale #

The locale the assets should be returned in. (Defaults to the current site locale.)

offset #

Skips the first X assets. For example, if you set offset(1), the would-be second asset returned becomes the first.

order #

The order the assets should be returned in. Possible values include 'title', 'id', 'sourceId', 'folderId', 'filename', 'kind', 'width', 'height', 'size', 'dateCreated', and 'dateUpdated', as well as any textual custom field handles. If you want the entries to be sorted in descending order, add “desc” after the property name (ex: 'size desc'). The default value is 'title asc'.

relatedTo #

Only fetch assets that are related to certain other elements. (See Relations for the syntax options.)

search #

Only fetch assets that match a given search query. (See Searching for the syntax and available search attributes.)

size #

Only fetch assets with a given size(s) in bytes.

title #

Only fetch assets with the given title.

source #

Only fetch assets that belong to a given asset source(s), referenced by its handle.

sourceId #

Only fetch assets that belong to a given asset source(s), referenced by its ID.

width #

Only fetch assets of a given width(s) in pixels.