Whenever you’re dealing with a section in your template, you’re actually working with a SectionModel object.

Simple Output #

Outputting a SectionModel object without attaching a property or method will return the section’s name:

<h3>{{ section }}</h3>

Properties #

SectionModel objects have the following properties:

enableVersioning #

Whether versioning is enabled for entries in this section.

handle #

The handle of the section.

hasUrls #

Whether the section is set to give its entries their own URLs.

id #

The ID of the section.

maxLevels #

The maximum number of levels the section’s entries can be nested, if it’s a Structure section.

name #

The name of the section.

template #

The template path that Craft should load when its entries’ URLs are requested.

type #

The type of section it is (single, channel, or structure).

Methods #

SectionModel objects have the following methods:

getEntryTypes() #

Returns an array of EntryTypeModel objects representing each of the section’s entry types.

getUrlFormat() #

Returns the section’s URL format (or URL) for the current locale.

isHomepage() #

Whether it’s a Single section, set to be the site’s homepage.