Mix things up with Matrix

Matrix is a powerful field type that enables a new level of content flexibility in Craft. It’s great for times when you need to store repeating content, or string multiple types of content together.

Made up of blocks

Matrix fields are made up of multiple blocks. Blocks are made up of one or more custom fields.

Matrix fields can have multiple block types

A single Matrix field can have as many types of blocks as needed, which the author can pick and choose from when adding new content. Each block type gets its own set of fields.

Matrix field configuration settings

Flexibility without compromise

Matrix enables you to give your authors a huge amount of flexibility without compromising your control over how things are output.

A template for outputting a Matrix field

Use them anywhere.

Matrix fields aren’t just for entries. Like every other field type in Craft, you can attach Matrix fields to users, assets, tags, and global sets.