Electric Enjin for YumEarth

Bringing Organic Candy to the Masses with YumEarth

YumEarth, the #1 Organic Company in the U.S., sells candy that’s made for everyone. Their candies are gluten-free, organic, vegan, and allergy-friendly. Known for their organic lollipops and gummies, YumEarth is popular among kids and adults alike because of their better-for-you stance in the candy industry. They use simple ingredients, colors, and flavors to create delicious candy for everyone to enjoy.

What was the goal of the project?

YumEarth came to Electric Enjin looking for a consumer website that would:

  • Appeal to the target audience
  • Leverage the new packaging design
  • Communicate trust and authenticity
  • Become a place for their audience to discover new products

The new YumEarth website also needed to be a tool that educated its health-conscious consumers. YumEarth was constantly flooded with customer support questions and the new website provided an opportunity to create in-depth product descriptions with allergen and ingredient information, a comprehensive FAQ section, and a product finder with robust sorting functionality.

In addition to the consumer website, YumEarth needed a wholesale portal that had ecommerce functionalities and would integrate with their CRM and their 3PL's warehouse software.

Why Craft CMS?

Craft CMS allowed Electric Enjin to build both a consumer-facing website and an ecommerce wholesale portal that gave visitors to the site a consistent experience. Because they weren’t only designing and building a website, but also developing a brand, the flexibility of Craft allowed them to have virtually no limitations in the creative process. Whether it's a retailer interacting and ordering via the wholesale portal or a customer engaging with the consumer site, Craft and Craft Commerce ensured that every experience is consistent and on-brand.

As a startup experiencing rapid growth, YumEarth needed a CMS that is scalable. Craft CMS and Craft Commerce gave them the ability to grow without having to re-platform when they need new features or functionality. Craft CMS and Craft Commerce also gave them the ability to build out custom integrations with their existing software saving time and budget. Craft has been a tool that helped facilitate their growth while growing with them.

Did you extend Craft with any plugins or custom integrations?

For the YumEarth Consumer site Electric Enjin used:

  • MailChimp for the newsletter sign up
  • SEOmatic for SEO
  • A minify plugin to help performance

For the wholesale portal site they used:

  • Craft Commerce
  • Sprout Reports and Email plugins

Additionally, Electric Enjin built out:

  • A custom form processor to integrate with YumEarth’s CRM and a customer ticket system at QuickBase
  • A custom search feature that looks in a variety of places in a structured way to present accurate content results.
  • A custom 3PL integration that allowed for an automated order fulfillment process between the website and their 3rd party fulfillment center.

What is your team most proud of when it comes to this project?

The launch of the new YumEarth consumer website and ecommerce portal increased site sessions by 9x in the first month alone. The four months following launch, site sessions doubled again.

YumEarth users were visiting 3x more pages per session, proving that this new website was not only easier to navigate, but more enjoyable to navigate. In the next four months, pageviews increase by another 65%.

Website session durations on the new YumEarth website average 2-3x more than the industry standard.

From the old website to our new design and build, YumEarth saw the following results:

  • Bounce rate decreased 21%
  • Site visitors increased by 155.42%
  • Organic keywords increased by 1,570.83%
  • Organic traffic increased by 10,248.48%
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