Important changes to Craft CMS and Craft Commerce editions, licensing, and pricing.

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We’re announcing some important changes to Craft CMS and Craft Commerce editions, licensing enforcement, and pricing.

GraphQL for Craft Solo

Craft CMS 4.8 has been released, which brings the GraphQL API to Craft Solo. If you’re building a headless Craft site for yourself or a friend, you no longer need to purchase Craft Pro just to access your content with GraphQL.

Trialing Craft and plugin updates

If you have expired Craft CMS or plugin licenses, Craft 4.8 makes it possible to install updates for them from your dev environment, as trials. So you can decide whether the updates are worth it before renewing the licenses.

When trialing updates, they will be listed in the control panel footer with a link to purchase on Craft Console, similar to other trials.

Dropping Commerce Lite

Craft Commerce 5 Beta has been released, which delivers on two of the most-requested Commerce features ever: multi-store (multi-currency) and multi-warehouse inventory management. We’re not stopping there: we’re planning improved GraphQL support, statistical insights, and reporting for future releases.

To keep up the pace, we’ve decided to drop Commerce’s Lite edition. Commerce Lite was designed for simpler storefronts—a use case that’s better-served by more focused solutions like our Shopify plugin nowadays. By dropping Lite, we can double our efforts on improving Commerce for the advanced ecommerce experiences it was built for.

Craft Commerce 4.5 has been released as a single-edition plugin. All previous Lite licenses have been upgraded automatically.

Stronger license enforcement

Craft 4.8 introduces stronger Craft and plugin license enforcement, with a new full-page control panel takeover screen that will show up when licensing issues are detected on production installs.

The screen will only appear once per day, and each day will require a longer waiting period before access to the control panel is restored. (Not that we think anyone would ever find that out the hard way…)

It should go without saying, but this is a control panel-only change. Craft will never do anything to affect the front-end over licensing issues.

Pricing increases

Craft CMS and Craft Commerce license and renewal prices will increase on March 26. Craft CMS licenses will cost $399, and renewals will cost $99. Craft Commerce licenses will cost $1,199, and renewals will cost $299. (If you’ve already received an auto-renewal notification listing the current renewal prices, we will honor that.)

Thanks for your continued support! If you have any questions, you can reach us at

The Craft CMS Team