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Coming to Craft 3: Multi-Site

Sep 12, 2016 in Announcements

Craft is well-known for its deep localization support. We built the entire system with content localization and translation in mind, and we’re proud of the work our customers have done with it.

As is usually the case, some people have pushed Craft’s localization features further than we originally expected. It turns out that Craft’s locale-targeting features can actually be used as a “poor-man’s Multi-Site”, by creating custom locale files.

Rather than try to prevent this, we’re embracing it in Craft 3. So today we are excited to announce that Craft 3 will have native Multi-Site support!

Here’s a breakdown of how it works:

  • Sites are the new Locales.
  • Each site gets a Name, Handle, Language, and Base URL.
  • You can have multiple sites that share the same Language.
  • All content can be localized and translated for each site.
  • Sections can be targeted to specific sites.
  • Sections and category groups can now choose to assign URLs to their entries/categories on a per-site basis.
  • Fields can be translated on a per-site or per-language basis (or something custom).
  • Users, assets, categories, tags, and globals are still stored globally (like in Craft 2), so while their content can be translated, their existence is not site-specific.

It still works great for traditional multi-lingual websites – just create Sites for each of the languages you need to target. But this opens up a lot of new and exciting use cases for Craft, like managing multiple sister brands together in one Craft install, or building one-off landing pages on their own domains. The only thing Multi-Site is decidedly not built for is managing content for completely separate end-clients in the same Craft install. You’re still required to access the Control Panel from a single domain, no matter how many domains Craft is serving.

Multi-Site is coming to Craft 3 at no extra charge for all Craft editions (even Personal). And it’s available in today’s update to the Craft 3 Dev Preview. Try it out and let us know what you think!