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Craft 3 RC

Dec 5, 2017 in Announcements

Craft 3 hit a major milestone today: we just released its first Release Candidate!

That means that at this point, we think Craft 3 is stable enough to be used (and supported) in production environments, and we think most people are better off using it for new projects. You also might want to consider updating existing sites to it, if you’re fixing for a nice speed boost.

Craft 3 RC packs a ton of new features:

  • We redesigned the Control Panel. OK “redesigned” might be a bit of a stretch, but we’ve made several improvements to the Control Panel layout, and the end result is a familiar, yet much nicer-looking, faster, and more mobile-friendly authoring experience.

  • The web-based installation wizard now includes a screen for setting up your database connection settings, if Craft can’t connect to the database yet.

  • It’s now possible to create custom field layout tabs for your Users and Global Sets.

  • Sites can now be grouped into (…wait for it…) Site Groups. We’ve also added a new field translation method for times when all the sites in the same Site Group should get the same translation.

  • There is now an in-app Plugin Store. We are launching this in a two-phase approach; this is Phase One, which does not actually let you buy anything yet. Support for purchasing commercial plugins will come with Craft 3 GA on April 4, 2018. (Check out the Plugin Store FAQ for more details.)

  • Tons more. Check out the changelog.

In addition to software improvements, this release also introduces our new Craft License, bringing Craft as close to Open Source ethos as we feasibly can without going out of business.

We’ve also been working on some major improvements to our documentation for Craft 3, with the help of Ryan Irelan of Mijingo. They’re not quite done yet, but once they are, we’ll start publishing them at, the new home for all Craft documentation going forward.

Plugin developers have been busy, too! There are already 90 plugins ready to go, and available in the Plugin Store. If you are a plugin developer and want to add a plugin to the Plugin Store, you can create a “Craft ID” account at and submit it from there.