This document is for a version of Craft CMS that is no longer supported. Please refer to the latest version →

You can create taxonomies for your entries, users, and assets using Categories.

# Category Groups

Before you can create categories, you must create “category groups” to contain them. Each category group lets you define the following:

  • Whether categories in the group have URLs
  • What the categories’ URLs should look like
  • Which template should load if a category’s URL is accessed
  • How many levels categories in the group can be nested
  • Which fields categories in the group should have

To create a new category group, go to Settings → Categories and click the “New Category Group” button.

# Editing Categories

If you have at least one category group, there will be a “Categories” menu item in the primary control panel navigation. Clicking on it will take you to the category index. From there you can choose a category group from the sidebar, and add/reorder/delete categories within it:

Categories Index

Double-clicking on a category will bring up a modal that lets you edit its name, slug, and any fields you’ve assigned to the group:

Category Editor

# Assigning Categories

To assign categories to things, you must also create a Categories field. Each Categories field is connected to a single category group. Whatever you attach the field to (entries, assets, users, etc.) will be able to create relations to any of the categories within that group.