Icon Fields

Icon fields allow the user to pick from a curated list of FontAwesome (opens new window) icons that fit the control panel’s style. The field’s value can be used to decorate related or nested element chips and cards by enabling Use this field’s values for element thumbnails or Include this field in element cards when adding it to a field layout.

# Development

The saved value is suitable for use in the front-end with your own FontAwesome library, or Craft’s bundled subset.

# Webfonts

Following the official web fonts tutorial (opens new window), you might display an icon like this:

<i class="fa-solid fa-{{ entry.myIconField }}"></i>

Change fa-solid to another style identifier to suit your site’s appearance!

# SVG + JS

The same HTML will work with the recommendations in the SVG + JS tutorial (opens new window).

# Bundled Assets

You can output Craft’s bundled SVG files with the svg() Twig function:

{{ svg("@appicons/#{entry.myIconsField}.svg") }}

Only one the “solid” icon style is bundled with Craft.