Lightswitch Fields

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Lightswitch fields give you a simple toggle input for times when all you need is a “Yes” or “No” answer.

# Development

# Querying Elements with Lightswitch Fields

When querying for elements that have a Lightswitch field, you can filter the results based on the Lightswitch field data using a query param named after your field’s handle.

Possible values include:

Value Fetches elements…
true or ':notempty:' with an enabled Lightswitch value.
false or ':empty:' with a disabled Lightswitch value.
{# Fetch entries with the Lightswitch field enabled #}
{% set entries = craft.entries()
  .all() %}

Any elements that don’t have an explicit Lightswitch value set will be treated as if they have the default field value, per the field settings.

# Working with Lightswitch Field Data

If you have an element with a Lightswitch field in your template, you can access its data using your Lightswitch field’s handle:

{% if entry.myFieldHandle %}
  <p>I’m on!</p>
{% else %}
  <p>I’m off.</p>
{% endif %}

If the element doesn’t have an explicit Lightswitch field value yet, the field’s default value will be returned.

# Saving Lightswitch Fields

If you have an element form, such as an entry form (opens new window), that needs to contain a Lightswitch field, you can use this template as a starting point:

{{ hiddenInput('fields[myFieldHandle]', '') }}

{{ tag('input', {
  type: 'checkbox',
  name: 'fields[myFieldHandle]',
  value: '1',
  checked: (entry.myFieldHandle ?? false) ? true : false,
}) }}