Customer Model

This document is for a version of Craft Commerce that is no longer supported. Please refer to the latest version →

A customer record is created for both guests and registered users. It is used to store information about the user.

You can get the current customer model in your templates with:

{% set customer = craft.commerce.getCustomer() %}

If the current customer is a guest, then the userId attribute will be null.

If you need to access the email address of the customer, do so from the order with

If you add the Customer Info field to the user profile, you can get the user’s related customer model returned for that user.

# Attributes

# user

Returns a UserModel (opens new window) object if the customer is logged in, or null if the customer is a guest.

# addresses

Returns an array of Address models.

# orders

Returns an array of completed Order models.

# userId

Returns the User ID associated with this customer if the customer is a registered user.

# lastUsedShippingAddress

Returns the last used shipping address. Returns null if there is not a last used address.

# lastUsedBillingAddress

Returns the last used billing address. Returns null if there is not a last used address.