With Craft Commerce, a Customer is a user element representing a person who may place an order.

That person could have placed an order as a guest, or as a credentialed user that can log in and place orders with saved information.

# User Customer Info Tab

Go to Users in Craft’s global navigation to see a complete list of the site’s users. Clicking any user’s name will take you to their edit screen, where you’ll find a Commerce tab:

Screenshot of user edit screen with four tabs: Account, Content, Permissions, and Commerce

This tab includes the following:

  • Orders – a searchable list of the customer’s orders.
  • Active Carts – a list of the customer’s active carts based on the activeCartDuration setting.
  • Inactive Carts – a list of the customer’s inactive carts based on the activeCartDuration setting.
  • Subscriptions – a list of the customer’s subscriptions.

This tab is shown by default but you can control its visibility with the showCustomerInfoTab setting.

If you’d like to be able to see and manage customer addresses from the control panel, include the Addresses field in the User Fields layout.

# Customers and Users

A customer with saved login information also has a Craft user account—but not all customers have user accounts. All users are listed in Craft’s global Users area, where the Account Type submenu will allow you to view the Credentialed ones that are registered and the Inactive ones that likely checked out as guests.

You can allow any guest user to transition from an inactive to a credentialed account at any time.

# Customer Flow

# Guest Checkout

If someone visits the store and checks out as a guest, a new inactive user is created and related to the order.

# User Checkout

If the customer is logged in, the order will be associated with that user the moment the cart is created and on through completion.

# Guest Into User

A customer can register for an account before or after checkout using a normal Craft user registration form (opens new window).

You can also offer the option to register a user account during the checkout process by setting the registerUserOnOrderComplete order property to true. (See the Update Cart Customer page for examples.)

If a customer chooses to register an account on order completion, a Craft user account is created and the customer is emailed an activation link. Commerce requires several conditions to be met before creating the account:

  • The store must be using Commerce Pro.
  • The customer must be a guest and not a logged-in user.
  • The order cannot already be associated with a user account.
  • There cannot already be a user account with the email address used on the order.
  • The order must have an email address—which likely would have been caught earlier in the checkout process.

If any of the above fail, the user account will not be created; errors will be logged but not displayed or returned.

The Commerce example templates (opens new window) display a “Create an account” checkbox at the payment stage—but only if a user account doesn’t already exist for the email address on the cart:

{# Get a user account using the same email address as the cart #}
{% set user = %}
{% if not user or not user.getIsCredentialed() %}
  <label for="registerUserOnOrderComplete">
    {{ hiddenInput('registerUserOnOrderComplete', false) }}
    {{ input('checkbox', 'registerUserOnOrderComplete', 1, {
      id: 'registerUserOnOrderComplete'
    }) }}
    {{ 'Create an account'|t }}
{% endif %}