Updating Instructions

Craft Commerce may be updated like any other update to Craft or its plugins.

# Updating from the Control Panel

When an update is available, users with permission to update Craft will see a badge in the control panel next to Utilities in the main navigation.

From UtilitiesUpdates, any available Commerce updates will be listed along with those for Craft and other plugins. Choose “Commerce” to view the release notes before updating.

Always check the release notes for any changes that may impact your site. Any critical changes will be clearly identified at the top.

You can then choose the Update button next to Commerce to update the plugin, or Update All to run all available plugin updates.

# Updating from the Terminal

The update console command can be used to update Craft and plugins including Commerce.

To see available updates, go to your Craft project in your terminal and run this command:

php craft update

If a Commerce update is available, run this command to apply it:

php craft update commerce

To apply all updates all at once, including those for Craft and other plugins, run this command:

php craft update all