Example Templates

You are viewing documentation for an unreleased version of Craft Commerce. Please be aware that some pages, screenshots, and technical reference may still reflect older versions.

Commerce includes example templates you can use for a reference, or as a starting point when building your store. They are continually updated to support the full range of Commerce features, out-of-the-box, including:

  • Cart management;
  • Complete checkout flow;
  • Address management
  • Order history;
  • Subscription management;

…and more!

Use the commerce/example-templates console command to install the example templates into your project. Those templates are always available for reference, in vendor/craftcms/commerce/example-templates/dist/.

You can manually copy some or all of the templates into your project’s top level templates/ folder:

cp -r vendor/craftcms/commerce/example-templates/dist/* ./templates

# Plugin Development and Reference

If your system supports it, you can symlink these folders into your project’s templates/ folder so you always have up-to-date examples:

ln -s vendor/craftcms/commerce/example-templates/dist/shop ./templates/shop

This is only recommended for active development—say, when frequently pulling in unreleased versions of Commerce to test a gateway plugin.