Reference Tags

This document is for a version of Craft CMS that is no longer supported. Please refer to the latest version →

Reference tags can be used to create references to various elements in your site. They can be used in any plain text field, including plain text cells within a Table field.

The syntax for reference tags looks like this:


As you can see, they are made up three segments:

  1. Type – The type of element you’re creating a reference to.

    Possible values include:

    • entry
    • asset
    • tag
    • user
    • globalset
  2. Reference – An identifying reference to the element. Regardless of the element type, you can set this to the element’s ID.

    Entries support two additional reference formats:

    • entry-slug
    • sectionHandle/entry-slug
  3. Property – The property that the reference tag should return.

    See the available properties within each element type’s model reference:

    Note that this third segment is actually optional. If omitted, the tag will default to “url”.

    You can also reference a textual field’s value in this segment by using its field handle:


    Note that this will not work for any relational fields (entries, assets, users, etc.).

# Parsing Reference Tags

You can parse any string for reference tags in your templates using the parseRefs filter:

{{ entry.body|parseRefs|raw }}