Plain Text Fields

You are viewing documentation for an unreleased version of Craft CMS. Please be aware that some pages, screenshots, and technical reference may still reflect older versions.

Plain Text fields give you either a normal text input or a multi-line textarea, where plain text can be entered.

# Settings

Plain Text fields have the following settings:

  • UI Mode – How the field should be presented in the control panel. (Defaults to “Normal”, can be “Enlarged”.)
  • Placeholder Text – The field’s placeholder text, to be displayed if the field has no value yet.
  • Field Limit – The maximum number of characters or bytes the field is allowed to have. (Accepts a number and a unit, which defaults to “Characters” with another option for “Bytes”.)
  • Use a monospaced font – Whether field contents should be displayed in a monospaced font.
  • Allow line breaks – Whether to allow line breaks in this field.

# The Field

Plain Text fields will either show a normal text input or a multi-line textarea, depending on whether Allow line breaks was checked.

# Development

Calling a Plain Text field in your templates will return the value that was entered in the field.

{% if entry.myFieldHandle %}
  {{ entry.myFieldHandle|markdown }}
{% endif %}