Product Types

This document is for a version of Craft Commerce that is no longer supported. Please refer to the latest version →

Product Types are a way to distinguish products in your system. They can determine the URL format of a product, and also determine if the products has multiple variants, as well as configure other behaviors of the products.

You can also attach fields, and tab layouts to products and variants at the product type level, like you can with Craft’s entry types.

Edit Product Type page

# Product Type Options

# Name

This is the name of the product type as displayed in the Control Panel.

# Handle

The handle is how you will reference the product type in code. For example, in twig, to get product types with a handle of clothes, you would do:

{% set clothes = craft.commerce.products.type('clothes').find() %}

# Automatic SKU Format

What the unique auto-generated SKUs should look like, when a SKU field is submitted without a value. You can include tags that output properties, such as {product.slug} or {myCustomField}

The way you access properties within the SKU format will differ depending on whether or not the product type has variants. If your product type has multiple variants, then the SKU formats default object is the variant, otherwise it’s the product.

# Show the Dimensions and Weight fields

Allows you to hide the weight and dimensions fields if they are not necessary for products of this type.

# Products of this type have multiple variants

If you enable the product type to have multiple variants, you will see a new tab appear at the top of the page which allows you to configure the variant field layout.

You also have the option to show the title input field or have it default to use a Title Format.

# Products of this type have their own URLs

This works the same way the standard Craft entry sections (opens new window) work.

When a site visitor hits the URL of a product, the product variable is automatically available to your templates, just like the entry variable for standard craft entries.