Install Craft CMS

At this point you should have DDEV (opens new window) 1.21.4+ installed, and know how to run console commands. Now it’s time to install Craft CMS.

The first step is to create a folder to contain the tutorial project, called tutorial. You can create it alongside your other development projects, wherever you prefer to store them.

In your terminal, run the following commands to create and go to your tutorial folder:

cd /path/to/dev/folder
mkdir tutorial
cd tutorial

Then run the following commands to configure a new DDEV project there:

# Create DDEV configuration files
ddev config --project-type=craftcms --docroot=web --create-docroot

# Scaffold the project from the official starter project
ddev composer create -y --no-scripts craftcms/craft

# Run the Craft setup wizard
ddev craft install

Answer the questions prompted by the ddev craft install command, and leave Site URL set to the default value (—unless you chose something other than tutorial when creating your project folder.

Once the command has finished, Craft will be fully installed. You can verify by running the following command, which will load (opens new window) in a new browser window:

ddev launch

You should see Craft’s default welcome template.
Screenshot of the Craft CMS welcome template