Craft 2.5 Released

Craft 2 5

Craft has always had one of the best Author Experiences out there, and today it’s getting even better: we’ve just released Craft 2.5 sporting a completely redesigned Control Panel with some great new AX features.

Brand New Dashboard

Right when you log in, you’ll be greeted with a beautiful new Dashboard, which allows you to view and manage your widgets all from the same page.

New Dashboard

Customizable Element Indexes

Admins can now reorder the sidebar sources for element indexes, customize the source headings, and even customize which table columns should be visible, making it much easier for authors to find the elements they’re looking for.

Customizable Element Indexes

Inline Element Creation

It’s now possible to create new elements right from element selector modals, which can drastically speed up content creation workflows when the content needs to relate to other content that may not exist yet.

Inline Entry Creation

Craft 2.5 packs 280 new features and improvements in total, covering almost every aspect of the system. As always it’s just a one-click update away, so so get clicking!

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