Craft Cloud

Craft CMS hosting you can trust.

Craft Cloud is a scalable hosting platform, by the team behind Craft.

A screenshot of the Craft Cloud deployments page, listing out consecutive successful deployments.

Leave the DevOps to us.

Stop worrying about build pipelines and server specs. Craft Cloud’s highly-available infrastructure is fully optimized for Craft CMS projects big and small.

A screenshot of a single deployment page on Craft Cloud, showing a successful deploy of “Bikes category pages.”

Committed to sustainability.

Craft Cloud features an on-demand architecture and global CDN, keeping its carbon footprint to a minimum. And our work has only begun…

A screenshot of the Spoke & Chain bike store site, deployed on Craft Cloud.

Everything the <body> needs.

Craft Cloud packs a full suite of tools and features, so you can launch with confidence.

Push to deploy

Complete build pipeline for Composer and npm tasks.

On-demand transforms

Forget PHP-based image generation. Transforms are provided on demand.

Queue on cue

Each project has a zero-config, on-demand queue worker.

Multi-site ready

À la carte domain pricing, with unlimited subdomains.

CLI commands

Execute CLI commands from Craft Console.

Scale automatically

Cloud’s serverless architecture scales effortlessly for any load.

Global CDN

Edge delivery of all static app and front-end assets, and image transforms.

Static caching

Pages are statically cached by Cloudflare, with automatic cache invalidation.

Resource intensive

Unlimited build minutes, unlimited MySQL or Postgres storage, and up to 45GB asset storage.


Every project is protected by an enterprise-grade firewall from Cloudflare.

Full-stack support

Backed by the expert support you’ve come to expect from Craft CMS.

Craft Pro included

All Craft Pro features are included with each Craft Cloud project. No license needed.

Predictable Pricing

  • Worry-free hosting, optimized for Craft
  • Unlimited build minutes and DB storage
  • 3 environments, with 20GB asset storage each
  • Enterprise grade firewall

For when the project has specific licensing requirements and needs.

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  • Everything in Pro, plus:
  • First-party SAML SSO
  • Custom license agreement
  • Procurement support
  • Dedicated premium support

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