Accessibility at Craft

Craft aims to provide the best content authoring experience a CMS can provide—for everyone. We’re dedicated to achieving AA conformance with key web accessibility standards WCAG 2.2 and ATAG 2.0.

Build Accessible Sites

Craft itself imposes no limitations on how you build your front-end or distribute your content—so your have complete control to make your content accessible.

Accessible Content Authoring

Developers can provide descriptive labels, instructions, and info boxes to facilitate accessible content authoring. Error messages summarized in each form, and directly per form field.

the important thing for us wasn’t just the features it had, it was actually that they baked-in accessibility into their process and workflow.

Auditing & Reporting

The Craft CMS Accessibility Conformance Reports describe our ongoing efforts to reach full WCAG 2.2 Level AA support.

Contrast & Color

The entire control panel is tested for contrast requirements. Plus, users can fully remove colour as differentiator in their preferences.


Zoom up to 200% without loss of functionality. Craft is intended to be used across device sizes, orientations, and zoom levels.

Screen Reader Support

Dedicated screen reader testing, performed using a combination of NVDA/Firefox, JAWS/Chrome, and VoiceOver/Safari.

Keyboard Support

Extensive keyboard support across the entire Craft control panel.