Developer Support Services

Monthly support plans and services for developers working with Craft professionally.

Included with a Craft Pro license.

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  • Developer to Developer support via email
  • No guaranteed response times

For Developers working with Craft professionally.

per month
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  • Developer to Developer support via email
  • Guaranteed 12 hours or less time to first response on weekdays

For when the project has specific licensing requirements and needs.

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  • Everything in Pro plus:
  • First-party SAML SSO
  • Custom license agreement
  • Procurement support
  • Dedicated premium support

Developer Support Services FAQ

Does Developer Support come with Craft Pro? 

Yes! One year of Basic Developer Support comes with a Craft Pro license. The email attached to the Craft Pro license, via Craft ID, is the email then associated with the Basic Support plan.

What does developer-to-developer support include? 

Developer-to-developer support includes, but is not limited to plugin and module development help, troubleshooting unexpected behavior with your Craft install, Twig templating errors, licensing issues, etc. We cover what is and isn’t considered Developer Support extensively in our Developer Support Guide.

Does the Pro Support plan include on-going maintenance for my site? 

No. The Pro Support plan does not replace your developer or agency. Pro Support is for developers working on client projects who need a heightened level of developer to developer support.

Does Pixel & Tonic offer consulting? 

Yes! We offer development consulting on a case-by case-basis at an hourly rate. For more information about Craft CMS development consulting email hello@​craftcms.​com or fill out the form below.

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