Getting Help

We want developers to thrive using Craft and to ensure there’s always a way to get help.

As long as your Craft Pro license is paid and active, you’re entitled to free Basic Developer Support. Priority support plans with guaranteed response times are also available. Learn more on our Support Services page.

Support Scope #

These are examples of the support we offer with the goal of being generous, but not unlimited. We sometimes break our policy at our own discretion.

Supported #

  • Best practice tips and examples while you’re learning to work with Craft.
  • A quick take from our team to help plan your first (or tenth) plugin.
  • Help determining whether some unexpected problem is related to Craft.
  • Help figuring out why something’s not working as expected.

Not Supported #

  • Requests for calls, direct messages, or real-time communication that blocks our team’s schedule.
  • In-depth consulting on-site migrations, code reviews, or extensive code review or troubleshooting. (Outside of paid consulting, which you can request by writing
  • De-facto development expertise; Developer Support isn’t a substitute for having your own developer or someone to handle site-specific maintenance or support.
  • Pre-release software like alpha, beta, and RC releases that are works in progress.

Limitations #

  1. We don’t guarantee a response time with Basic Developer Support.
  2. We don’t guarantee a resolution.
  3. We’re not responsible for your production site or data.
  4. We don’t support third-party plugins or software.

Requesting Support #

Please send questions from the Craft CMS Help Widget in your project’s control panel, or email

If you have a bug or issue that relates directly to Craft’s source code or documentation, please consider submitting a GitHub issue instead.

If you discover a security vulnerability, please see our Security Policy.

If you have a question or issue related to our community code of conduct, please get in touch via

Additional Resources #

There are a number of ways to get help when we can’t offer direct support:

  • Craft Discord is our community chat server where friendly people are helping each other out all the time.
  • Craft CMS Stack Exchange is a great resource for written Q&A.
  • Every plugin available at has a public GitHub repository where you can submit issues directly to the plugin author. (Follow the “Repository” link from that plugin’s page.)
  • The Developer Documentation includes tutorials and API references.
  • Our Knowledge Base covers common questions and topics.
  • Our broad range of Craft Partners are experts available for hire.
  • CraftQuest, our official training partner, provides free and paid tutorials on a range of topics.
  • nystudio107 blog has some great articles on advanced topics such as optimization, module development, and best practices.