Craft CMS Pricing


For when you’re building a website for yourself or a friend.


For when you’re building something professionally for a client or team.

Free As in Beer

$299 plus $59/year for updates Per Site

Download Upgrade in app
Content Modeling

Includes Sections, Global sets, Category groups, Tag groups, Asset volumes, Custom fields, Entry versioning, and Entry drafts

Multi-site Multi-lingual

Includes Multiple locales, Section and entry locale targeting, Content translations

Cloud Storage IntegrationsYesYes
User Accounts

Includes User accounts, User groups, User permissions, Public user registration

System Branding

Includes Custom login screen logo, Custom site icon, Custom HTML email template, Custom email message wording

Security & Bug FixesYesYes
Community Support (Slack, Stack Exchange)YesYes
Developer SupportYes

Craft CMS Pricing FAQ

How do I purchase Craft Pro?

You can purchase Craft Pro from within the Plugin Store, inside of the CMS. If you’re using Craft Solo, there is a link at the bottom of every page in the Control Panel, which brings up a modal window that handles the whole process. If you need an alternate way to pay, please contact us,

Are Craft 2 Editions still available?

Craft 2 Personal and Pro are still available. Craft 2 Client is not available. Click the Download button in the main menu of our website. You'll see an option to download Craft 2. When you install Craft 2 Personal Edition, you can upgrade to Craft 2 Pro edition. Please note that the features listed on the Pricing page are for Craft 3 Editions only. Craft 2 Edition features will not be changed or updated.

Can I use Craft Solo for client work?

Technically yes, however, we don’t recommend it. Craft Solo is meant to be a solution for developers to get to know Craft and create one-off sites for themselves and their friends. We do not recommend giving admin access to non-developers and therefore strongly recommend that any professional work is done on Craft Pro. This ensures the best experience for everyone.

Will there be an upgrade fee when major Craft CMS updates come out?

Pro licenses come with one year of free License Updates. If a major edition comes out within that year, its free! You can enable License Updates for $59 per year. Please read How License and Renewals Work for details.

Can I purchase an edition locally, and then transfer it to production?

Yes you can.

Can I try Craft Pro before buying?

Yes, you can trial Craft Pro while your site is on non-public looking domain (e.g. “” or “”). However, if you will need Developer Support throughout the development process we encourage you to purchase Craft Pro at the beginning of the project.

What is Developer Support?

Developer Support is for developers who need dev to dev support directly from Craft. While our dev team is active in Craft Slack, Stack Exchange, and Github, Developer Support ensures you’ll receive an email response directly from us. We include one year of Developer Support for free. When you renew License Updates, you get Developer Support for another year too.

Are non-profit discounts available?

Yes, we offer a flat 15% discount on Craft Pro for verified non-profits. If you’re providing your services for more than 15% off to a non-profit, please email We’ve been known to match your discount, but handle these on a case-by-case basis. Please note: The discount only applies to the license fee. We do not discount the License Update Renewal fee ($59 for an additional year).