Craft CMS Pricing


For sites built by and for the developer.


For sites built for clients with only one content manager.


For everything else.

One-Time Price Free as in beer Download $199 Per Site Upgrade in the app $299 Per Site Upgrade in the app
User Accounts
User accountsOne Admin accountOne Admin accountOne “Client” account

Client accounts have access to everything except the system settings. Learn more

User groups

User groups are used to organize your user accounts, as well as batch-set user permissions for every user that belongs to the group.

Each user in Craft can belong to multiple groups. Learn more

User permissions

User permissions give a user account the ability to perform a specific action. They can be applied to user groups, or directly to user accounts. Learn more

Public user registration

Craft can optionally be set to allow anonymous users to create their own user accounts. Learn more

Content Publishing
Sections Unlimited Singles Unlimited Channels Unlimited StructuresUnlimited Singles Unlimited Channels Unlimited StructuresUnlimited Singles Unlimited Channels Unlimited Structures
Global SetsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Category GroupsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Tag GroupsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Asset SourcesUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Custom FieldsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Entry Versioning
Entry Drafts
Localization and Translation
Multiple locales

In Craft Pro, you can choose which locales your site will target. Each locale gets its own content and templates, if you want them to. Learn more

Section and entry locale targeting

In Craft Pro, each section has the ability to be enabled only in specific locales, and you can also choose which locales each individual entry should be enabled for.

Content translations

In Craft Pro, you can make certain custom fields translatable, and those fields will get their values defined on a per-locale basis.

Locale-specific user permissions

When you have multiple locales, you also have the option to assign users and user groups to specific locales, via permissions.

System Branding
Custom login screen logoYesYes
Custom site iconYesYes
Custom HTML email templateYesYes
Custom email message wordingYesYes
Amazon S3 supportYes
Rackspace Cloud Files supportYes
Google Cloud Storage supportYes

Craft CMS Pricing FAQ

How can I purchase Craft Client or Craft Pro?

Right within the CMS. If you’re running Craft Personal or Craft Client, there’s a link at the bottom of every page in the CP, which brings up a modal window that handles the whole process.

Is there a way I can try Craft Client or Pro out before buying?

Yes. As long as you’re running Craft CMS from a non-public-looking domain name (e.g. “” or “”), you will have the option to test the Client and Pro editions indefinitely.

If I buy the Client edition now, can I upgrade it to Pro later on?

Yes, for an even $100.

Can I purchase an edition locally, and then transfer it to production?

Yes you can.

Will there be an upgrade fee when major Craft CMS updates come out?

No. All updates are free of charge.

Are any discounts available?

If you would like to use Craft CMS but don’t have the budget for it, please get in touch. We can work something out.