Licensing & Editions

Every Craft project starts with a free Solo license, which is valid for public and private use, indefinitely.

Additional features like user management are available by upgrading to a paid Team or Pro license. The current Craft edition and version are displayed at the bottom of every control panel screen.

Throughout the documentation, edition-specific features are called out with Team and Pro badges. If you don’t see a badge on a page or section, it describes features available to all Craft editions.

Features & Pricing
Read more about pricing for Craft editions and services.

# Upgrading

To try out a paid Craft edition, visit the Plugin Store in the control panel, and click Upgrade Craft CMS in the sidebar:
Screenshot of Craft’s in-app plugin store opened to the editions screen

Selecting an edition will update project config and replace the Try button with a green Installed as a trial message.

# Plugins

Some plugins have editions, as well! The Plugin Store (opens new window) displays editions in the sidebar, each having a Try button. Check the Editions tab for more information from the developer.

# Trials

You are allowed to test paid Craft and plugin editions on private domains for as long as you need. However, deploying an unlicensed edition of Craft to a public domain (opens new window) will cause the control panel to display licensing issues to all administrators.

Craft CMS & Plugin Trials
Learn how to test and license paid Craft and plugin editions.