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Enabling a Leader in AI Technology to Take Control of Their Website

Originally founded in Finland and now based in Berlin,, is a deep learning technology designed to integrate with contact center CRMs. By learning from historical chat and email communication data, provides automated responses to customers as well as response suggestions to customer support agents. is used by some of the world's largest companies such as Posti, Finnair, and SAP.

Please tell us a little more about the project:'s previous brand and website held them back. We needed to move them out of the startup world and into the enterprise market.

Starting with a full re-brand, we used their three pillars: augment, automate, and analyze to inspire a logotype that represented each pillar with three dots, and three colors. These dots became a brand element used throughout the business. We also introduced a sophisticated geometric illustration to add a layer of playfulness while keeping them looking smart and grown-up.

After establishing the new brand we focused on building a website that could become a foundation for them to grow exponentially without the site bloating. Rather than designing the site in pages, we designed a system of content blocks and modules which can be re-used. This lent itself perfectly to Craft's Matrix field.

Why was Craft CMS a good fit for this project?

Craft enabled us to empower the client by creating an arsenal of content blocks from which they could create dynamic pages without breaking the design. Craft uniquely enables developers to provide flexibility in a modular and rigid way. This means it can be only as complex as it needs to be resulting in a powerful yet simple to use admin.

Additionally, Craft's modular build allows us to add new features and blocks without having to re-factor any code. This has been crucial in building our on-going relationship with the client post-launch because we can build and deploy updates to their site incredibly quickly.

Did you use any integrations or plugins on your project?

We integrated the clients Hubspot with the site enabling them to capture, track, and qualify leads efficiently. The Hubspot integration allows the client to see which areas of the site generate the most ROI and are therefore worth investing further in.

SEOMatic has also been a crucial part of this project. SEOMatic allows us to help the client customize and tailor every page's meta data, while implementing fallback meta when unavailable. With SEOMatic's SEO preview, we can also demonstrate to the client the importance of bespoke social card imagery. This lead to us create a series of creative photoshop templates helping the client to create their own on-brand social card images.

Any final thoughts or takeaways regarding this project?

Because of our work on this project, we now have an on-going relationship with the client and we're continually improving and extending the site. Since launching we've already extended the blog to include eBooks, added campaign landing pages, and will soon be introducing podcasts and webinars. is a very happy customer of Function & Form Digital's services. We enjoy working with Todd and can only recommend cooperations.