Bright Labs

We help our clients build and maintain industry-leading positions.

We do this by leveraging our strong industry expertise and technical capabilities, enabling you to grow and become productive and profitable throughout your digital transformation journey. See our track record and how we contribute to our clients' success as an agency partner.

  • 7 year | Average client tenure
  • 19 years | Established in 2004
  • $110+ million | Revenue created for clients (FY 21-22)

Our purpose

Creating moments of magic

Our mission

Delivering world-class design, technology and marketing solutions which increases our client's business value by improving their brand image, market reach and customer engagement.

Our difference

Our ability to develop and market beautifully designed and functional solutions.

Our commitment

We are committed to helping our clients build and maintain industry leadership positions. We enable our clients to grow and become productive and profitable by using our industry expertise, strong business and technology insight.

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Work with Bright Labs
  • Design (UX/UI)
  • Development
  • Digital Marketing (SEO, PPC)
  • Hosting, Infrastructure, Managed Services