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You're responsible for web-based revenue and reliability. You're not alone. You have us.

We have 20 years of experience.

Solspace is a team of 15 web development professionals providing programming, strategy, and project management. Our custom CMS work focuses heavily on Craft CMS installations, upgrades and maintenance. Our strong relationship with the makers of Craft and our years of experience with the platform give us comprehensive knowledge about Craft’s capabilities and integration needs.

We offer Craft CMS development for:

  • Full Craft CMS builds
  • Craft CMS version upgrades
  • Concept to launch support
  • Custom API and other integrations
  • Content and data migration
  • Continued maintenance after launch

Craft CMS Plugins

In addition to building and launching new CMS builds, we’ve also created two of the most popular Craft CMS plugins: Freeform and Calendar. So, if you currently have a Craft powered website, there’s a good chance you’ve done business with us already.

The Relief of Reliability

Our experience and expertise are founded on a unique philosophy of website development called Web Reliability. We use a 3/3 matrix of nine interconnected attributes to determine your project’s strengths and challenges. Getting aligned with our Web Reliability methods mean your project results in the predictable flow of customers and revenue. Learn more at

In short, we have the expertise to build, upgrade, customize and maintain a Craft CMS installation to give you a stable, revenue-generating website. We deliver the relief of reliability.


"[Solspace has] been an essential part of our development efforts since before we launched our site, and have treated us and themselves like they had the kind of stake in our success that went well beyond a short-term project." - Scott Klein, ProPublica

"After having our initial attempt to launch a rebuilt developer site fail, we called Solspace... 90 days later we launched our site and dramatically reduced our operating costs." - Aaron Kozak, Nokia

"Working with Solspace is an essential part of our day-to-day operations at IDEO. With them as partners, we are able to achieve both beautiful and functional design, seamlessly." - Katie Clark, IDEO

Work with Solspace
  • Full Craft CMS Builds
  • Data Migration
  • API Integrations
  • Plugin Development
  • Craft CMS Upgrades
  • Single Sign-On Integrations
  • Conversions from WordPress
  • Conversions from ExpressionEngine
  • Cloud Services
  • Complex Problem Solving
  • UX Planning and Consulting
  • Ongoing Website and CMS maintenance
  • Website Stability
  • Web Team Stability