Transferring a Craft License to a New Domain

Each Craft license may only be used on a single public domain at a time (see How Craft license enforcement works for more info).

Sometimes, you’ll need to transfer a license between disparate code bases. In this case, you’ll need to transplant the license key file. See the next section.

Most times, you merely need to associate the license from an existing code base with a new domain name. In that case, skip the next section.

Craft licenses are self-managed through our Craft ID service. Sign up for an account at

Transplant a License File #

In this scenario, you have an old website with a Craft CMS code base; e.g., a web property you’d like to retire and use its license for a brand new Craft CMS instance. You’ll need to transplant the license.key file.

  1. Copy the config/license.key file from the old code base into the new one
  2. Delete files in the storage/runtime/cache directory in the new code base

The second step is a precaution because Craft caches license information for 24 hours.

You’ll see a notice at the top that the license belongs to another domain.

Wrong Domain Craft3

Continue to the next step to associate the license key with the new domain.

In Craft 2 (the old version) you’ll find the config and storage folders inside a craft folder.

Transfer a License to a New Domain #

Log into your Craft ID account to associate your license with the new domain. Create an account if you don’t have one yet.

You will see a list of any licenses that you own. They could be Pro or Solo licenses.

Craft Id License List

The license keys in the list are the first ten characters of your craft/config/license.key file in case you need to sort out which license to edit.

If you don’t see the license in your list go to Claim License and upload the license key. If it is owned by someone else, they will need to release the license from their Craft ID account before you can claim it in yours.

Click on the license key you'd like to give a new domain. On the next screen, you can enter a new domain name for that license. Don’t forget to click the Save button. :)

Craft Id License Details

Now go back to your website’s Control Panel and refresh it. If the notice doesn’t go away, wait for a bit, then refresh again.

Applies to Craft CMS 3.