Commerce 2 Beta


It’s a very exciting and busy time here at Craft, and we’re thrilled to announce that today, along with the release of Craft 3 and the Plugin Store, we’re releasing Craft Commerce 2 Beta into the wild. Here’s what’s new in Commerce 2 Beta:

  • Built for Craft 3. Commerce 2 has been completely rewritten for Craft 3.
  • Subscriptions. The most-requested Commerce feature is finally here. You can now accept recurring payments in Commerce 2 (requires Stripe).
  • Promotions for all purchasable types. Sales and discounts aren’t limited to just products anymore. You can apply them to plugin-supplied purchasable types as well. Promotions for categories. You can now set categories on your sales and discounts, which will apply the promotion to all purchasables that are related to that category.
  • Multi-add. Commerce 2 supports adding multiple purchasables to the cart at once.
  • Extensibility improvements. Plugins and modules can do more with Commerce 2 than ever before.
  • Primary addresses. Give customers the ability to set their primary billing and shipping addresses, rather than having Commerce assume they want to use their last-used addresses.
  • Gateway plugins. Now all supported gateways have been moved into their own plugins, so they don’t add a bunch of cruft to the core code, and they can be maintained individually.
  • Location, location, location. Share the location of your store with plugins that need it, like shipping integration plugins.

Where can I get it?

Commerce 2 is available in the Craft Plugin Store (powered by Commerce 2!), where it can be downloaded as a trial, and purchased.

Can I use it in production?

Technically yes, but keep a close eye on the changelog when updating, and watch out for breaking changes.

How long will the Beta last?

We expect Beta to last about 6 months, but don’t hold us to that!

What about Commerce Lite?

Commerce Lite will be released alongside Commerce 2.0 GA, if not sooner.

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