Craft 3.1 Beta is Here

3.1 Beta

Craft 3.1 Beta is here, and ready for testing!

This release packs over 100 enhancements, drastically improving collaboration and deployment workflows with Craft.

  • Project Config introduces a new way of keeping your fields, sections, and several other project configuration settings all in sync across multiple environments, without sharing database backups.
  • Administrative changes can now be disallowed on production thanks to the new allowAdminChanges config setting.
  • Several Control Panel settings can now be set to environment variables, keeping sensitive information out of your database (and your project config file).
  • Live Preview now works across multiple domains.
  • Elements, field layouts, sites, and site groups are now soft-deleted, and later hard-deleted via garbage collection.
  • Plugins can now have multiple editions, similar to Craft’s Solo and Pro editions.

The full release notes are available in the changelog.

To upgrade your Craft site to Craft 3.1 Beta, first make sure you’re running at least Craft 3.0.23. Then open your composer.json file and change your craftcms/cms requirement to ^3.1.0-beta.1:

"require": {
    "craftcms/cms": "^3.1.0-beta.1",
    "...": "..."

Then go to your Craft project in your terminal, and run composer update. Once that’s finished, you’ll be up and running with Craft 3.1 Beta!

Once you’re on the 3.1 Beta, you’ll be able to update to future 3.1 Beta releases (as well as the 3.1.0 GA release) right from the Control Panel, just like normal Craft releases.

If you have any feedback or run into a bug, please post it as a GitHub issue.

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